Thursday, April 3, 2014

Hrudaya Kaleyam Sampoornesh babu new movie review rating watch download free

Hrudaya kaleyam is a comedy action and love entertainer in which, Burning Star Sampoornesh babu and Ishika Shing are playing the lead roles. Steven Shankar is directing this movie under Sai Rajesh Neelam’s production banner Amrutha Production banner. Songs composed by RK and Background Scored by Srikanth Pendyala. The movie is expected to hit the screens on April 4th.
About the director:
Steven Shankar is directing this film. This is his debut film as a director, This is a full length comedy crime entertainer. He kept his heart and soul to make this movie a big success.
About the first look and trailer:
By seeing the first look the movie lovers went bowled before his glamour. Even Tollywood no:1 director SS. Rajamouli twitted about Sampoo. Going to the trailer details, the trailer looks funny. Here are some Trailer dialogues for you
• Sampoornesh Babu, Manishi Aaradugulu vuntadu, kelikithe araganta lo vuntadu
• Puliki aakalesthe pulihora tinadu
• Kontaaniki vaadu shampoo kaadu, Sampoo
• Dhairyam ela vuntundo telusaa raa? Dhairyaaniki bhayam vesthe dinDu kinda naa photo pettukoni padukuntundi…

About the Hero:

Who Is This Sampoornesh Babu ? If you are using any facebook or Twitter social networking then you will definately see this Sampoornesh Babu photos with the Rocking funny captions, Actually he is the hero in the movie Hrudaya Kaleyam, Normally a person becomes a star when he get a blockbuster hit in his career but Sampoornesh Babu became a popular celebrity with the single poster, And in that poster you can see that “Rastra Samppoornesh Yuvatha”, which is making people crazy about this movie
About the music director:
The soundtrack of the film consisted of seven tracks composed by Srikanth Pendyala.
About the other cast crew of the movie:
There is a big cast in this movie like Sampoornesh babu, Ishika Shing, Mahesh Kathi, Rajesh Sompalli, Krishna Aditya and Sai Rajesh
Highlights of this movie:
• The comedy dialogues of Sampoo in the movie will be highlight.
• Sampoornesh Babu.
• Sampoornesh Babu.
• Sampoornesh Babu
Final Word :
Finally the movie will be a big feast to everyone. Keep watching CINEOUTLOOK.COM for more updates and the official review of “Hrudaya kaleyam” movie.

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