Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Pawan Kalyan’s remuneration doubled for new movie release date songs free download

In the recent times, people started talking about Pawan Kalyan as a political star rather than as a film star. With political speeches, Pawan gained attention of entire India. By pouncing on the Congress high command, Pawan got full support of all the BJP fans in the nation.

This popularity and craze are now making Pawan a national level star. Adding to this, Pawan gave a new statement that he is going to allocate just 50 days in the entire year for film shooting. If this turns true, film makers will rush ahead to get those 50 precious days. In fact, film makers will stand in queue offering fancy amounts to bag those 50 days.

At present, film makers are giving a total of around 23 Crores for Pawan for a flick. Pawan has a queue of around 10 films makers in line to make series of flicks with Power Star. We can say that, Pawan’s next 10 years dates will get fixed if he accepts all the offers. But, he is not giving a nod to few film makers in spite of getting fancy amount offers. Now, as the shooting days span got even shorter, we can say that Pawan’s remuneration will get literally doubled. Analysts are expecting Pawan to take a remuneration of 30 Crores plus at minimum.

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